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Ders’ Picks - Week 11 (swag)

I’m back.  3-1 in Week 10?  Get at me.

Going to keep the free-flowing, fast-talking style that brought my swag back, no big intro, no big proclamation.  Just winning NFL football picks from the name you can trust.

(HOME TEAM IN CAPS/My swag picks in bold)

Start tonight, why not?  After taking Tebow last week just to piss off Adam, I’m going AGAINST Tebow this week just to show Adam my power.  Meaning?  New York Jets over the DENVER TEBOWS (+4.5).  Better call your bookie soon, this game kicks off in a matter of minutes.  Tell ‘em swag sent you.

It’s called NY, NY for a reason, since I’m also on the NEW YORK GIANTS (-3.5) to crush the always sunny Philadelphia Eagles.  Abandon swag, all who enter Philly, fans.

The CHICAGO BEARS (-3.5) Super Bowl shuffle their swag over the Sad Diego Chargers (not a typo).  

And finally, the WORLD CHAMPION GREEN BAY PACKERS (-14.5) over the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, because the champs are undefeated, swag-heavy, and this week?  Most likely?  So will I be.  Read the sentence again, it makes sense in context.

  • Last Week - 3-1
  • Against the Spread (Season) - 17-21-2
  • Straight Up (Season) - 23-17
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