The Ders Report
Something about a ‘Vo

Earlier this week, I spoke of a racist incident involving myself and another individual while I had the ‘Vo conservatively stopped at an intersection.  

(UPDATE: For completists, the guy was white, but I didn’t think that merited discussion; as for his ethnic background, he was very clearly Irish, and Adam’s “Wide Bitch” theory gains more steam every time I think about it)

Well, just now the oppo happened.  A very lovely lady pulled up aside us at traffic light, looked us over, and blew us a kiss.

Hot debate broke out over who she was blowing, but c’mon.  Unless there’s an infant in the back seat (Blake hardly qualifies), it’s universally understood that any blown kisses at an automobile are directed at the driver.  

First Cathy, now this rando stranger?  Gonna carry TWO condoms with me to the bars tonight.