The Ders Report
Taking a Stand

I didn’t want it to be this way, but I am guaranteed a safe working environment BY LAW.  NO STEPS have been made to even empty the toxic-piss-carceginic garbage can since yesterday, and while the leak has run dry, THIS—

…is NOT a safe working environment.

I’ve made a call to my legal representation, and they’ve told me I have a strong case against TelAmeriCorp and it’s subsidiaries.  I plan to offer my co-workers a chance to join up with me in a class action lawsuit against our employers.

Don’t be surprised if my internet is disabled and my tumblr hacked to keep these incriminating images from the public.  Spread the word.  We will NOT let big business take advantage of us!

Stumbled across this disaster when I was looping around to use the restroom.

Employees were NOT notified of the leak, no signs marked the potential danger in the annex hallway, nor were breathing masks even offered to prevent the inhalation of cancerous particles/fumes.  

Posting these as evidence before I present this to Alice, whom I’m hoping, for her sake, was not aware of it.  We should be sent home and the office should be shut down if there’s even .001% of sewage waste in that garbage can (which reeks of a Jillian move, btw).

If you don’t hear from me again it’s because I died from working in this festering hell hole.